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The Goderdzi ski resort attracts more tourists and investors

Горнолыжный курорт Годердзи привлекает все больше туристов и инвесторов

Snow, ski runs, coniferous forest, alpine zone and magnificent views, if this list matches your taste, then the ideal place for your winter holiday is the mountain resort of Goderdzi.

It is located in Georgia, in Adjara, at a distance of 110 kilometers from Batumi, at an altitude of 1730 meters above sea level. As foreign experts say, specialists in high mountain resorts, this unique resort has the greatest development potential in Transcaucasia. It stands out as the abundance and quality of snow, and the duration of the holiday season. Here, the winter lasts 5 months, and the height of the snow cover reaches 3 meters, which means the extension of the season for skiers until the end of April. The highest point of the resort is located at an altitude of 2365 meters. This height, as well as descent through deep snow, is very popular with lovers of extreme mountain sports. Goderdzi also stands out for one of the longest high-speed trails, its length is 8 kilometers, it is served by two lifts, built in accordance with international standards.

To stay at the resort will be very comfortable. At this stage, there are six cottages of the "chalet" type and one hotel. Each cottage is designed for 12 people and is equipped with a high-quality heating system and all the necessary supplies. The hotel is located on the pass "Goderdzi", 4 km from the resort. The hotel "Meteo" is designed for 30 places and it is served by snowmobiles daily, which transport tourists from the pass to the hotel and up to the ski lift. This service was first proposed by the hotel administration this year, and thanks to this innovation the number of visitors has increased by almost 100%. It was rather difficult to get there from the hotel before, so tourists preferred to stay in cottages, the appearance of the same snowmobiles divided the number of visitors between the hotel and cottages. Also, fast food and ski equipment rental facilities were opened this year for the first time. Through the auction, the administration building was leased out, where the restaurant is now open. For the first time, a place for teenagers and beginners was built. A 200-meter ski slope with a slight slope was built and a ski lift was connected.

This led to an increase in the number of visitors to the resort. According to statistics, after the Georgian tourists, the tourists from Germany, Russia, and Ukraine entered the top three visitors of the resort. Then followed by France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland. Visitors from India, Iran, Kuwait and other Asian countries come often but in small numbers. General statistics show an increase in the number of visitors by 30% over the past 2 years.

There is a very high interest of investors in the implementation of investment projects of the resort. Since August of last year, 10 investment projects worth more than 100 million Lari have been signed to date, in particular, 10 new modern hotels for 1000 guest places will be built within 3 years, which will also create about 1,000 jobs. To create convenient conditions for the work of investors, a road length of 1720 meters was built, which connects the central highway with investment sites.

Note that the resort "Goderdzi" is the only resort in Georgia which has a plan for building regulation. Proceeding from this concept, sports grounds, a cinema, a health and entertainment center, hotels according to European standards will be built in the next 3 years, which will make this resort even more attractive for tourists and investors.

The data is provided by the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara

P.S. Development of the resort is one of the priorities in the activities of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. You can get contact information of the Ministry and the administration of the resort for cooperation in the organization of recreation or investment projects in the editorial board of our journal internationalinvestmentbiz@gmail.com
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