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The first All Inclusive hotel complex in Georgia with the largest hotel infrastructure in the country was presented in Batumi

The first All Inclusive hotel complex in Georgia with the largest hotel infrastructure in the country was presented in Batumi

On March 17 at 12:00 pm Wyndham Batumi Hotel hosted a presentation of a large-scale hotel project Wyndham Grand.

The event was attended by:

Representatives of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara: Minister of Finance and Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Jaba Putkaradze and Head of the Tourism Department of Adjara Tinatin Zoidze;

Representatives of the management of the world leader in the hotel industry Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: President of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts EMEA Dimitris Manikis, Development Director of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts EMEA Sergey Egorov;

Representative of the world's leading independent hotel operator Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA and Vice President of Operations Armin Eberhard;
Archil Partinadze is the CEO of the European Village construction holding, which was included in the top 10 brands of Georgia according to Forbes in 2022.


The new hotel complex Wyndham Grand and Wyndham Grand Residences will be built in partnership with the international hotel leader Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in the resort area of Batumi Gonio. The complex is conceived as a tourist city within a city and consists of four hotels and all-inclusive residences. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2024-2026, the hotels of the complex will be put into operation in stages.

The construction of Wyndham Grand and Wyndham Grand Residences is a grandiose event for Adjara, as the complex will become one of the largest projects of the world hotel leader Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in the Eastern Hemisphere. Wyndham Grand is located on more than 3 hectares of land (30 thousand m2), it is planned to have 1,055 hotel rooms and 75 infrastructure facilities.

The implementation of a project of such a magnitude would not have been possible without the support of the Government of Adjara and the Mayor's Office of Batumi, which tirelessly develop the country's tourism industry and create favorable economic conditions for the hotel business.

Minister of Finance and Economy of Adjara Jaba Putkaradze noted during the presentation:

“Today I am especially happy and excited about the launch of this project. In terms of investment, this project is unprecedented, because thanks to it up to 1,200 of our citizens will be employed, which is very significant for our region. From our side, from the side of the government, both central and regional, his support and cooperation will continue.”

Wyndham Grand and Wyndham Grand Residences are to raise a total investment of $111 million. The cost of implementation will be more than $50 million, and the construction area will be 67.5 thousand m2. During the construction period, 1,200 new jobs will be created, and another 700 jobs will be provided in the tourism sector after the hotels open.

Head of the Tourism Department of Adjara Tinatin Zoidze:

“Today is a special day for the tourism sector, as the arrival of 1,000 new hotel rooms is a very important event for the development of the tourism sector. The development of year-round tourism is very important for our region. 1,000 Wyndham network numbers will increase the interest of tourists, provide an opportunity to create new jobs, develop tourism infrastructure, so I want to thank the Wyndham network and wish you success!”


Wyndham Grand and Wyndham Grand Residences are a real breakthrough in the Georgian tourism industry. Thanks to the new complex, guests of Batumi will be able to receive an All Inclusive service that has not been previously presented in the region. This will make Batumi one of the main centers of the Black Sea beach tourism in the all-inclusive format. The new project will change the face of Gonio, transform the tourism sector of Batumi and Georgia and bring it to a new level.

Thanks to the new complex, all the necessary conditions will appear in the region to receive tourists from different locations of the world, providing them with high-quality service.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts EMEA President Dimitris Manikis:

“You are changing Batumi. I am very honored that this resort bears the Wyndham name. Soon this project will become a reality. The new project will bring together thousands and thousands of people in Batumi, attracting many new guests to your amazing country.”

Partnership with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and the largest international management company Aimbridge Hospitality will provide package tours to the region, through interaction with international tour operators. A high level of service, a wealth of infrastructure located on 15,000 m2, and the possibility of various types of recreation for tourists from different regions will ensure a year-round flow of tourists to Adjara. The complex has an open and closed infrastructure for family recreation and its own clinic for physiotherapy and rehabilitation with a salt room, water treatments, and massages. This will allow you relax in the complex all year round and receive wellness services. According to the study, the number of tourists who will visit the Wyndham Grand projects in Gonio will be 400,000 man-days.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts EMEA Development Director Sergey Egorov:

“This project is the best, and special among other projects, with an infrastructure of unprecedented scale. The location of Gonio is the best place for a resort project on the entire coast. It is an amazing place with magnificent mountains, sea, and sky. The concept of the project is also important: “Home away from home” is just fantastic. The hotel complex will have over 1,000 rooms with a variety of infrastructure: SPA, restaurants, bars, business infrastructure, co-working spaces. No matter what kind of people come here, they will always find something to do: families with children, traveling alone, couples in love - anything you wish! This place will radically change the way people think about recreation.”

The infrastructure of Wyndham Grand and Wyndham Grand Residences includes three SPA complexes, one of which is halal, a bath complex with a hammam, Russian, Finnish and Japanese baths, saunas, two indoor and four outdoor pools with bars, an aquazone and slides, an indoor halal pool, two fitness center, 12 restaurants, cafes and bars, wine and chacha houses with tasting rooms, a heliport and much more. For professional events, there is a coworking area, 4 meeting rooms and a conference room. Playgrounds, cafes, playrooms, a club with animators and a nanny, a rope park, a climbing wall and other entertainments are planned for children's and family leisure.